Friday, August 12, 2011

What I haven't done

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  1. Haven't finished my project involving Christmas decorations and fabric transfer paper that I started in April (!!!)
  2. Haven't painted Storm any t-shirts, even though I bought the shirts, paint and freezer paper 3 months ago...
  3. Haven't made a necklace holder, but I have knocked them all down to the floor more than once
  4. Haven't sold the car (damn it)
  5. Haven't paid off the vacation (was worth it though)
  6. Haven't replaced the carpet (although I did finally make a decision on which color to get)
  7. Haven't taken Clayton out driving enough, especially to practice his parking and get familiar with all the playground zones in town
  8. Haven't even booked Clayton his driving test yet either!
  9. Haven't painted (or sanded) the basement walls, even though the mud has been on the walls for over a month now...
  10. Haven't scrubbed the shower tiles down, even though every time I go in there I think about it (too bad thinking wasn't doing...)
  11. Haven't call the cable company to deal with our contract, even though it ends in less than two weeks!
  12. Haven't booked eye or dental appointments for the kids, even though I was supposed to do it while they were out of school for the summer
  13. Haven't gone insane from them being out for the whole summer ... yet .. there's still time!
There now. Feel better about how much you've got done this summer????

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