Friday, August 19, 2011

We've created a junkie

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A concert junkie that is.

Storm went to her first concert last night. Taylor Swift in Edmonton. To say she had a good time would be a huge understatement. I may never get her out of the T-shirt Dad bought her.

Ryan took her as we only had two tickets and I so didn't want to try and find my way in Edmonton, in the dark.

It was an amazing experience for her. Taylor puts on a great show.  I also gave her our old digital camera that has been sitting up above my desk collecting dust since I bought our new fancy one. She took a bunch of videos and a few pictures as well.

She looked a lot like this last night when they finally got home at 1:30.  But glowing.

I'd say her first concert experience was a success. And not her last.


  1. Wow Father of the Century!!!!! What did Ryan look like on return?? Just as bright-eyed? Haaa -- ohh, dads and screaming girls.

    And now I will spend the rest of the weekend being jealous of someone under 10. Not for the first time, granted.

    Tay-Tay's coming here next month!!

  2. He looked more than a little tired. They went to bed about 2am and he got up to go to work at 5. He def gets Father of the Year award! Hehe.


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