Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Update

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Summer's more than half over here, and as usual, I feel like I haven't got much done. I haven't been camping. I haven't even been to the beach! I've got more than a few projects brewing in my head and zero time to get them done it seems. We've spent quite a few weekends working on my brother's rental trailer, fixing it up, just to come home to our own basement waiting to be repainted and the lawn to be mowed.  In between work and other jobs, summer is passing me by yet again!

My prediction was true about my pretty flowers though. It's August and they've went from green to brown!

in June....
a few minutes ago...

I can't say as I'm surprised! I think I'll follow my mom's lead and put some fake flowers in there next year. No need to remember to water them then!

The rest of the flowers look pretty good though, considering they just got tossed in there and forgotten about!

(try to ignore the overgrown grass, that's what I'm doing!)
(Oh, and the other dead planter too!)

We even have a few pumpkin plants on the side of the house as well as sunflowers which are starting to flower. Good thing they don't require my attention!

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