Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stupid needy plants

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I couldn't stand my dead stick anymore. I was outside yesterday, cleaning up and helping Ryan with the yard work, when I decided to permanently fix my brown situation.

The one basket has decided to try life again.

Nothing like being eternally hopeful.

The other one was beyond hope. It just gets too hot in that spot and I'm just too forgetful about watering. A couple of quick trips to the store and I fixed the problem.

I even filled the other basket that I had unsuccessfully tried to use as a bird feeder last year.

Best part? No forking out $75 bucks next year just to have them die again. I'll just shove these ones in the shed over the winter and come spring I'll have pretty flowers all season long.

I feel a lot like this:

Well said Gandalf. Well said.


  1. Is the thing reconsidering life a portulaca? I tried growing those bastards from seed and noooooooo dice. Particularly impressed that not only humans can survive your winters, but plants too!!

  2. I have zero idea. It's red. And it was lovely when I bought it. That's the extent of my plant knowledge..and also how I shop for them. Color and prettiness. LOL

  3. Hahaha. How I (window)shop for boys.


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