Monday, June 14, 2010

Blade's Make-over

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For quite a while, the boys have been sharing a room. Okay, for their whole lives they had been sharing a room. With the basement finished, Hunter moved to his own room and Blade has the original room to himself! Well, let's say separation,after living together their whole lives, just didn't take. They are back to sharing a room, (voluntarily this time!) or rather just sleeping in each other's rooms while keeping their stuff separate. In any event, it was time to fix up Blade's paint and his closet. Here's a before pic of what the closet looked like with two kids in it when we first moved in....

Then we re-vamped the closet and made it look like this,which worked better for two kids with expanding wardrobes.

He also had a 'Cars' theme going on in his room and a rocking blue wall, with a purple closet...

So, in preparation for moving (eventually), Blade got a re-vamp on his closet and a new paint color and 'theme' for his room.

The purple closet..eek!

Brown! After only 6 years of living here!

The "almost' final closet look. Ryan has to put up the upper shelves still.

I also dug out my paints and made Blade a Darth Vader painting. I'm still working on a couple other reverse paintings for him. Let's hope they work out!

That's it :)

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  1. I like the wall color with the darker trim and desk. Some bead board would look great in here :) But that is a huge project!


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