Monday, June 14, 2010

Bland to Beautiful

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When we moved into this house, there was a sad little pipe sticking out of the wall where a laundry sink should have been. Part of the house was unfinished: the basement, the downstairs bathroom and missing ceiling in the laundry room to name a few besides the sad little pipe. We received this lovely sink, below, as a freebie, and while it was OK it lacked a little something.

So we waffled back and forth on what we really wanted to put in that space. I wanted a built in cupboard with a nice deep metal sink like I had seen at IKEA (but didn't buy and was no longer stocked when I did go back!). Ryan was willing to go along with anything. Shocker I know. So we went to Home Depot and bought another cheap plastic tub, this time in brown to match the room and a pretty tap.

Now, it WAS an improvement, but I was never really totally happy with it. Shocker I know. In my defense, it had a tendency to move a bit if you bumped it and the area around it always looked messy. The sink I had wanted was no longer available at IKEA, even if I could have conned Ryan into attempting to build a cupboard for it. So I settled. And I was okay with it, mostly.

But then, strolling Costco randomly, on a mission to grab just ONE thing, we seen this beauty.

Sure I didn't NEED a new sink, but look at it! And it matches my washer and dryer so prettily too.

Can't beat that! :)


  1. Okay, that is a beautiful sink, I may have to get a Costco membership.

  2. Does the head of the sink faucet detach and move around? Sort of like some kitchen faucets. Nice find!

  3. Yeah, the tap is a pullout, which is handy for washing that deep sink! The two 'drawers' underneath are really just one BIG drawer to house my little green steamcleaner and my bucket of rags. The tap came with the sink. It was $300 I think.


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