Saturday, June 19, 2010


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So here's where we left off! With a few kids thrown in :)
Actually if you look closely behind the kids, you can see the deck boards being laid out.

The boards are just the right length to be cut in half and laid on the deck. We opted for the dark brown color of Trex deck boards.  No painting. No slivers. No upkeep. No painting.  Did I say that already?? :) I'm excited to the extreme over our deck boards.

AND, what's a deck without a few new deck chairs??  Ok, well I was supposed to put my BBQ back on here, but I just love the new private place to sit too much!  I love these chairs I found at Jysk, with their apple green cushions.  I bought a cheap plant stand to go between them to hold my bevvies! And look at the beautiful step Ryan built!

I had to go buy myself some lights to go along the lattice!  Just too relaxing!
Now who wants a drink??!

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  1. It looks fab!!! What time should I come for that drink?

    I think you need a cute outdoor rug for the door too!


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