Monday, June 21, 2010


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The kids find a new use for Mom's cushions.....

So, the deck project is almost done.  We decided in the planning stages we needed a cement pad at the end as a step, running from the brick to the fence.  We calculated how many cubic feet of cement we would need, Ryan made the forms, and then off to the Co-op to get bags of cement.  My poor van!  Ryan came home with 38 bags of 55lbs a piece.  Anyone care to do the math on that?  Like I said, my poor, poor van.  When I told my dad that we brought home close to 2000lbs of cement for that pad, he said "Oh? how many trips did you make to the store? Two? Three?"  Uh.  No.  One.  Ryan even said he bottomed out once coming home.....oops! Anyways, here's the pics.

Ain't it pretty!?

Oh and in case you wondering, 38 bags at 55 lbs a piece, moved twice (once from the van, once into the wheelbarrow), then mixed by hand, dumped and spread out = two very tired and sore homeowners the next day!!
Whew. Done.

So that's the deck.  We did get gravel and haul it all in, with pails, to the side yard and behind the shed, but that's a post for tomorrow!  Here's one last look at the deck from the front.  A far cry from what was there before!!

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