Friday, June 18, 2010

The Deck continues

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Here we are, back with more deck pictures.  I'm almost reluctant to show you the final project.  It just looks too good! You'll forget how crappy our old deck looked. 

With even more boards ripped off, and temporary placeboards put up to keep the dog in, we FINALLY get a sunny weekend to get this thing done! We are putting up a 6 foot privacy railing to keep peering eyes out.  It's SO nice to sit outside now.  Here is Ryan with the 5 foot section of railing up.  I had painted all the posts the day before so I wouldn't have to worry about missing spots later on.

Yay! The dog can't escape anymore!

I recruited mom and grandma to come over and help paint the railing.  A coat of primer and two coats of paint later, I hope it will last for as long as we intend on living here!

Here we are! Well here the railing is, in almost its complete glory.  And yes, it is a fence package, which we are calling a railing!  It works perfect and was easy enough to assemble as we had the same fence back in Rimbey. 
Ain't it pretty!

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