Friday, June 18, 2010

My Idiot Dog

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I rescued this ornament from my Grandma's garage sale.  It was destined for the garbage as his head had come off at some point.  It had always appealed to me and I thought it could hang out in my house for a year or two till I was sick of it.  I keep it empty, just moving it to dust it.  However, yesterday at the Farmer's Market, I bought some chocolate raisins and some chocolate almonds and I thought, "hmm that dish would make a fine candy holder too!" So I dumped the whole bag of almonds and half the bag of raisins in it. I showed the kids we had some treats, in which most of them turned up their noses at, except Blade had one or two raisins.  Ryan had a couple almonds and I had a couple too.  That was it.
This afternoon, I was cleaning up a bit before Family Friday supper and I thought, "oh I should dust under that rooster" (I call it a rooster, who the hell really knows what it is) I picked up the empty dish and swept under it with a dish towel...and noticed that there was one lone raisin in the bottom.  Then I realized, "hey wait a minute, this was FULL yesterday.....where the heck did all the candy go??"  I asked Ryan, I asked the kids.  Nope, none of them ate it.  Where did it go?

Well, the dog was acting incredibly weird last night and wanting to go outside.  I guess a kilogram of chocolate treats will do that to a dog....&%$*.

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  1. You were so lucky, both raisins and chocolate can be fatal to a dog... yet, they always seems to fond them. My last dog ate a whole pan of exorbitantly expensive fudge I had just brought home from the craft market and had put on the table *for just a second*. That was gross.


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