Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Dog's Life

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Ever feel like you got scammed?

He started out so adorable.  He lured us in with his antics, his softness, his ability to sit on my lap without squashing me!

I should note it was adorable when he sat surrounded by my flowers....
It was a little less adorable when he started digging them all up and leaving massive holes and bones in my flowers.

He slept on all our stuff.  And we took pictures and smiled.
He laid around, looking so innocent.  Well, he still does this.  Butter wouldn't melt in that mouth most days.

He made friends with the kittens.  Look at the smile!
He does stupid stuff that has us wondering if he has any brains left in that head as he grows.

Sometimes, he's just so damn amusing.

Most of the time, he farts, stinks, runs away, sleeps, sheds ALL over the place, worse than any cat could ever.  He barks at every dog who dares to walk past his window.  He watches old ladies and growls at them the most (you can't trust those little old ladies!!!).  He pulls at his leash, until you remind him that he's supposed to walk nicely, and then only until he catches a new scent or spies another dog.  He howls and won't stop barking or whining when he's not allowed to visit with any dog he sees on the walk.  If he hurts himself, he yelps and carries on so badly that I'm sure the entire neighborhood thought I was commiting some sort of horrible crime on him, when really he had stepped on something that hurt, and then after I carried him home, he stopped yelping.  I think I got scammed.  Someone probably just wanted to get carried home.

He also makes friends with every dog he actually gets to come into contact with.  He loves cats.  He doesn't chew anymore (HURRAY!).  He lays on his mat while we eat.  He's totally house trained.  And 90% of the time he looks like this.

I tried to get him to put his head up for this picture, but he gave me the blurry death stare for waking up his nap.  He's also claimed the tiniest dog bed that actually belongs to the MIL's dog  for his own.  Sorry Lucy! She left it behind and he claimed it!

And why this post about my dog who drives me nuts 90% of the time that he's awake?  Because I've found his long lost brother on the web.

Meet Brutus, from Frou-FruGal.

Except for that white leg, he looks a LOT like our own dear Rodeo!  You can read about Brutus here.


  1. He could not be any matter how much trouble he gets himself into!!!!

  2. Instead of going gray in his old age, he's gone brown! LOL
    We were looking at these baby pictures the other day when it clued in, we got scammed! He had those beautiful black ears and only a brown mask as a baby, and then, what happened!?! Hehe.

  3. Karrie,

    I showed this to man boys and the husband. Rodeo has won them over too. He sure looks like Brutus' long-lost brother and your description of him could be Brutus, too. Except Brutus is not so polite at dinner time. Last night he rested his head on Hub's leg in the hopes of getting some goodness. He hates cats, too. But other than that, they are identical!

    Thanks for the fun post.

  4. He looks so innocent in these pictures! HA!

    Last night I told Ryan that I'd call him the world's most annoying dog, except I've met his mother's dog.


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