Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bogged down in paper

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What I didn't show you yesterday, was the fact that the cupboard wasn't the only thing or the first thing that Ryan painted in his make-shift paint bay in my white kitchen.

He also spray painted the file cabinet black.

Yea, let's not talk about that process.

Let's talk about the fact that I got my filing stuff sorted out!

I seriously didn't think I had that much stuff, but this picture tells the truth.

Gah.  How is that possible!
I used to have a huge filing cabinet, and when I got rid of that I probably threw away or recycled 2 large black bags of paper then.  And look at that mess on the floor!  How did all that make it back into my house. There was stuff in there that was extrememly important that I didn't even know where it was. 

Like:  a Walmart CD for free picture editing(never opened, not even once) from our very first digital camera 5 years ago. The CD for the oldest's very first MP3 player that I threw away 3 years ago. Four foam inserts for a bike helmet that was probably tossed 3 years ago too.  Oh! And let's not forget, an X-RAY of my teeth........

Uber important stuff people!

I tossed wedding cards that I've been saving for almost 12 years (why? why was I saving those??!), about 100 birthday cards from various kid birthdays, pay stubs, outdated swim cards, manuals for stuff we don't even own anymore, CD's, tooth x-rays, about 45 tags from Webkinz and absolutely nothing I will ever miss.  Ever.

I hate paper piles!!  Anyways.  It's all under control now, again, for a while. 

At least until more comes in the mail.....


  1. I feel the same way. I have a file folder that holds all my important papers and bills that I need to go through. Its getting too heavy!

  2. It's crazy! I thought I didn't have too much stuff to file. I mean, I had a paper pile here and there, but still. I get almost all of my bills through epost, and I long ago decided not to save any bills that do come in the mail after I've paid them (except taxes and government stuff), and yet I had all that stuff. Worst thing is, I still have kid stuff that I didn't get rid of. And pictures..oh man, those darn pictures will the end of me!

  3. I just did my yearly paper purge. All the 2010 documents have been moved up to the attic, and there are fresh file folders for 2011. I may seem organized, but It usually gets out of hand sometime in October...

  4. Crazy isn't it!! I think it multiplies in the dark.. like dust bunnies!


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