Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Damn it, this one wasn't on the list!

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So, I'm supposed to be dealing with #21, you know, approximately, soonish.

My mom has collected and organized all the photos of my life, all of my life.  She also presented me with all the albums off all those photos.  And they've all been living in my basement since delivery.  Now it's not that I don't want the photo albums, it's just that I'm sort of over albums themselves.  Thanks to the digital camera and the digital photo frame I rarely, if ever, get my pictures developed.  So my plan has been, with my mother's blessing (just so you know), to find photo boxes and throw the photos in willynilly organize them to perfection, indexed and cross-indexed, labeled, and ....well let's not go too far down fantasy lane.

Too bad the photo boxes I found at Michael's were uber-ugly.  And so were the ones at Wal-mart. 

So, I did what I do best, and put it off for another day and picked up a different project to do!

The dreaded wedding photo album.

I say dreaded wedding album, because it contains ALL the photos the photographer took, and has never been sorted through.  We picked the photos we wanted on display, had copies made, and put the album back on the shelf, never to be looked through again. 

I decided that was kind of ridiculous!  Plus, we are moving, and I don't want to take any albums with me.  Photos, yes.  Albums, no.

So after taking a stroll down memory lane, and snickering a little at how pasty white and ghostly I looked in some 90% of the pictures, I picked out a few favorites and called it good. 

I went from an album FULL of photos:

To a small stack:

Now I just need to buy a non-ugly photo box to store them in!

Ahh...look how young and blond I look!!!


  1. Great photos. You should make a really nice box to put them in.

  2. Yes, I think I should go back to the store and either grab the ugly photo boxes and recover them in some nice paper, or go to JYSK and see if they have any. Either way, I have a huge pile of photos to toss! I might let Storm cut them up this weekend and craft with them.

  3. I've always been amazed by the hundreds of pictures we ended up with from our wedding. TOO many, if you ask me, but I guess it is a sort of important day. :)

    Good luck with the box dilemma--I've seen some people take favorite pictures and put them in a pretty basket, too...or spray paint always works for any of those ugly photo boxes! :)

  4. Yes, this was the days before digital so we had a LOT of photos! Which is a good thing too, because some were not too flattering! hehe


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