Friday, April 15, 2011

Better late than never

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Lest you think me a terrible slacker, here are a few pictures from our latest birthday boys.

For a boy who did NOT want to turn 5 a couple of years ago, he was extremely excited this year to turn 7.

And although this one did not get his birthday wish to be in PEI right at this moment, he did get to eat out for his birthday.  And if you know Ryan, you know that was pretty okay in his books too!

He shall remain un-outed on how old he now is.

And lastly, how freaking cute are these three??

We ended Blade's impromtu party with a massive all-out nerf gun war, Grandma included!  Even sick, she was a pretty good shot!


  1. Holy Moly Bladey looks EXACTLY like Jordi, except the crazy hair. Love the last pic of the kids too, so big now. Can't wait to see you all. Send me luck on finding cheap tix! Krispe

  2. Good luck!!
    Look how tall Hunter is now! Compared to Storm and Blade, he's a giant 9 yr old!


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