Friday, April 29, 2011

The Seasons of my Door Mats

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Here in lovely Canada we have a lot of seasons, sometimes in just one month.

We have snow season.  Snow Season is the season in which I will step in every last melted puddle of snow with a fresh, dry pair of socks.  I swear I went through more socks and had wet feet more this year than any other!

Then we have the Mud Season.  Tracks through the house just to grab "one more thing" before heading out to play in the backyard.  This season doesn't sound so bad, except when you realize that unless the kids have been playing in my flowerbeds (a big no no!), we no longer have any exposed dirt to make mud, and that "mud" you may have been vaccuuming up off the mat is really Rodeo made "mud" and not so pleasant smelling.  I'll spare you any pictures of that.

Following quickly and sometimes at the same time, is Grass Season.  This is when the dog will go outside and roll around on the freshly exposed lawn and bring in every last piece of dead grass he could possibly stick to his coat and drop it on your mat.  This also applies to the children, who although don't roll on the grass in fear of some Rodeo-made "mud", they do quickly abandon shoes, boots, and any other footwear to run across the dead grass to the trampoline and back again!

This is a small and really bad representation of how much grass
 comes in the house, but I had actually just vacuumed the other day.
  Shocking, I know. 

I was complaining about grass season, and how much I loathe it.  Ryan quickly assured me not to worry, it would soon be followed by Sand Season.  Oh joy.

I need Cooler Season to be here, and soon. My deck is calling me.

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