Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I get to cross things off!

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Sunday was such a nice day.  Hardly any bugs, not a cloud in the sky, and most of all, no wind.  A perfect time to paint the outside doors.

Ryan decided to paint the back door first. It was strange wandering in and out of the house all day, not being able to shut the back door behind me. After borrowing a couple of sawhorses, he taped off the window, removed the handles and the lock and got to it.

He also took this opportunity to spray paint the keypad lock's cover black.

We were a little leery about what color to pick to paint the doors. I didn't want cream. The handles were black, so that color was out. Gloss or matte was also a big question. We ended up picking a basic white gloss metal spray paint. We decided the worst that could happen is we would hate it and have to repaint.  But I have to tell you, it looks SO much better. 

We started off with this:
And then changed the door handles:
And ended up here:

Ryan also taped off the spot outside where Rodeo had been clawing at to say he wanted in.  It started off looking like this:

And now looks like this:

So much better right?  Ha, and I like how that same little red car is still sitting there, a month or two later.

Since Ryan put two coats of spray paint on each side and we wanted to make sure the paint was nice and dry before flipping the door over to paint the other side, we only managed to get the back door painted.  The front door will have to be next weekend's project.  The towels got hung though!

I get to cross off #32 from the list, as well as the "s" on number #31!  This weekend, my mom and I are having a garage sale so I also get to cross off #8, and #9 too!

Let's hope I survive Garage Sale Weekend and all the prep that goes with it!


  1. WOW ! you are really knocking off that "to do" list aren't you? Can't wait to see the doors finished.

  2. Well, I know they are finished...I just wanted to see more than a corner, finished. Looks great!

  3. Thanks! I was going to take a picture of the whole door, but then it always seemed too bright or too late! If I wasn't such a at least with the close up, you can see the difference LOL. Although I can tell in the house, not one other person has noticed the backdoor was painted!!


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