Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Four years ago, we finally made a decision and planted some trees in the backyard. We picked out some Columnar Swedish Aspens. Something that would fill in, eventually, and make a visual block from the sidewalk into the yard over our measly little five foot fence.

Four years later, I'm slightly in awe at them. This morning I went to go through the last two on the end to get to my bike that was leaning up against the fence, and I literally almost couldn't get through! They are looking amazing!

We planted a row of them along the other fence too, between our nosy neighbor and us. The trees are supposed to get 25-30 feet tall and 3 feet around, so we planted them approximately 3 feet apart. The hope was that eventually she wouldn't be able to see us, and hence, talk to us, from her deck after they filled in. As were planting them, she asked if we were trying to tell her something....

They weren't much to look at, but they were a start! Of course as luck would have it, they haven't gotten as big as the ones near the sidewalk, but they do a decent job of blocking her ever curious eye.

The huge railing we put on the deck I think has maybe driven home the point that I don't really wish for her to comment on every going-ons in my backyard.

Four years ago we also got the cutest little addition as well.

My, how time changes things.

Happy Fourth Birthday Rodeo!


  1. Hi!
    I was looking to plant some swedish aspens and was wondering how they look now three years later.
    Cute beagle!

    1. Hey :). They still looked great when we sold the place. You do have to watch for bronze leaf disease in them though, for which there is no cure. I hear there is a similar tree out there that does not get bronze leaf. I'd check that one out first!

  2. Thank you for your post! Your yard looks great! I'm thinking about planting these. Did you notice any suckers before you sold the home?


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