Saturday, June 11, 2011

Going Somewhere Slimmer

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Herein lies the chronicles of my summer fitness quest. If I call it a quest, will it make me want to continue longer than a week? Who knows?! Anyways, I'm going to be calculating how far I can bike, run or walk this summer. Here's the story of this stupid, idiotic, awesome plan.

Monday after biking the kids to school, I had the grand plan to take the longer way home in order to not have to drag my bike over the tracks. Wonderful plan, I even got to coast down a huge hill. Except that as I neared the bottom of the hill, my brain came back awake and reminded my old, tired body that I would now have to bike back uphill to get home. Awesomesauce. After nearly dying (true story), I decided I was out of shape and from now on, would refrain from any more plans that took me further from home than needed. In the afternoon, I stayed the course and took the easy way home with the kids.
Distance: 4.86km   Total: 4.86km

Thursday morning, I biked the kids to school and took a longer way home, despite my protests on Monday that longer was lamer.
Distance: 3.84km    Total: 8.70km

Thursday midmorning, Mom and I walked to the Farmer's Market and took the long way home.
Distance: 2.59km       Total: 11.29km
Thursday afternoon, I biked down to get the kids and then on to the store and back home again.
Distance: 5.93km    Total:17.22km

Friday morning, I biked to Mom's and then we walked downtown the long way and back to her house, and then I biked back home.
Distance: 7.70km   Total: 24.92km

I swear this is the last time I will bore you with this many map pictures. They're really more for me. I'm the sort of person who enjoys/needs the visual. Makes me want to pat myself on the back ya know? Anyways, feel free to skip over these posts or emails, as I walk, bike or run myself through this summer and onto a different body.

I'll be keeping a running total in a different tab, Going Somewhere Slimmer,  at the top of the blog.  To keep me going.

Well that's the plan anyways.


  1. Go you! I will begin my baby weight reduction plan soon...maybe we can mock each other into motivation:) Krissy

  2. Now if only it would stop raining here! Hope your flight home was a good one!! And you don't even need a baby weight reduction plan! Talk to me when that baby is 7 and the weight is creeping (or attacking, not much creeping going on here) back on! Then I will surely mock you as I mock your sister....


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