Monday, June 13, 2011

These things apparently take time

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When the little kids were little(r), they had those ride on toys. Of course, we had to have three of them. When you have three kids three years apart, it seems to be a must to have at least three of everything. I'm all about avoiding the crying, screaming and fighting. (I think I will just skip the part of the story where I tell you I got rid of those ride on toys at least four years ago...)

Since we have tile in the kitchen and dining area, it was the perfect spot for extreme racing. The sound of those things used to drive us bonkers! And they didn't do the dining room wall any favors either.

If I had to guess, I'd say that any of you who have actually been here, never ever noticed those marks on the wall. It's not a place your eye goes to automatically, but it did look bad. Really bad.

So yesterday I finally dug through the paint that was left downstairs by the previous owners and found the paint I used when I repainted the landing and lower basement a couple of years ago. I was more than a little hesitant to paint. I knew from past experience that although the color is really, really close to the existing paint on the walls, the sheen could be a little off. And after all, I was attempting to avoid having to paint these walls.

This is what happens people, when you have rounded corners everywhere and 20 foot ceilings. There is no place to stop. And if I painted those nicks, and you could seriously tell it wasn't right, there was a good possibility I was going to have to paint that wall, all 20 feet high of it. And the wall beside it. And the kitchen. You see where this is going don't you? Perhaps that will excuse the four year delay in painting.

I decided against mudding and sanding the dented in spot. I was afraid the mud would dry a significantly different shade. So I took a small artist brush and just painted in the white spots and took the magic eraser to the black spots.  Thankfully, it turned out like this.

Yes, you can still see the dent. But the shade is the same and I managed to get 90% of the black marks off. Also, when you come over, the closest anyone ever looks at that spot is about from this far away.

I don't see anything, do you? (hint: the answer is No, Karrie, I don't see a damn thing, now pass me a cookie please)

We may just get this house in listing condition yet...

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