Friday, June 10, 2011

So thankful to cross #9 off the list!!

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What a long three days!

So long in fact, that I'm only writing about it now, 5 days later.

We did it. We survived another garage sale. After scouring our basements, storage rooms, sitting areas, kitchens, kids rooms and closets, we gathered all our junk together. I'm sad to say I only got two pictures of it, and since I didn't even get time to take them until the second day, they don't really do the sale justice. There was tons more stuff than shown.

The garage was packed full as well. I managed to sell almost everything. I did take home a few things to sell on Kijiji (which reminds me, I really should get on listing them!). Mom brought in a few things, plants etc. and in the end, we donated the left over items to the Bowden Museum which runs a thrift store to help raise money to support the museum. So yay for us for not taking very much back in to the house, and yay to them for taking all our leftovers! They came and boxed it up and took it away on the last afternoon even! One of the easiest clean-ups we've ever had after a sale.

I have decided though, that next time, well that it really wouldn't break my heart for there to be no next time.

Garage sales are more fun to go to than to run!

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