Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No crossing off for me...

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Last weekend we stayed home, in the hopes of nice weather, to get a few projects done.

And although the rain stopped us from finally painting the front door, we Ryan did manage to fix the eavestrough situation.

See, about five years ago we had a lot of rain, and in our great brilliance we left the downspouts up. And the basement flooded. Enough to make me cranky anyways. So we sourced out some downspouts that would put themselves up and down automatically when ever it rained. Which seemed like an awesome idea. No more forgetting! They started out working good, and then, not so much. In fact one of them ended up even looking like this.

Not much water moving away from the foundation there.....

The rest of them were at half mast most of the time. Or just stayed down permanently like this one:

So we headed to Totem, hoping against hope that they would have the same shade of eavestroughing as what was left on the house. And they did! Hurray. Well, it was special order, but we were able to pick it up the same day from the manufactuer which was only a few minutes away.

Ryan replaced all the white ones with new metal matching downspouts.

Too bad I never thought about writing this one down on the list. Ah, well. I sort of miss the white ones, but I won't miss worrying about whether they actually came down or not!

Now if only we could figure out why we have two huge dead spots on the front lawn.....

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