Monday, September 20, 2010

Cable and Kids

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We made a quick trip to Costco on Saturday to check out prices for some new tires.  Of course, after we were done the 'official' part of the trip, we made a round or two through the good part of Costco!  We bought a few things we didn't need (Cheezies!) and a few things we knew we did need (new coat for Hunter) but were waiting for a sale to buy.  One of the things I love about Costco is the re-enforcement of impulse buying...because if you think you want it, you better buy it, because it won't be there next time and they won't ever stock it again!

On our way out the door, through the requisite yet completely useless checking of the receipt by people who get paid to stand around with a Sharpie in their hot little hands, we passed a couple people with three (3!!) of those flat carts stacked up with bags and bags of flour and meat and household items.  Now I realize that this is the point of Costco, but it still makes me think "wow". 

So I said to Hunter "Some people have a LOT of stuff don't they?"

And he says .... "Like Hoarders"

Ahaha.  Thanks cable for expanding my kid's minds.

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