Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work, Rain, and Baking

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Yeah that's what has happened to me.

First, work.  Or at least I would be attempting to work if it wasn't for the second.

Rain.  Rain, rain, go away, come back any time but harvest.

Since it has been raining, I've been baking. 

Blade noted the other morning that there was no cookies left (Gasp!).  Not even ginger snaps!  Yup, that's right, even those FINALLY all disappeared.  I figured I had time on Tuesday to make him some cookies at least before I had to go to work.  And then it started to rain.  Potato harvesting and rain just equals a LOT of mud.  So I had time to stay home and make all this instead.

Rice Krispie squares, shortbread cookies, peanut butter oatmeal cookies, 2 batches of M&M cookies and mini loaves of banana bread.

Jello Whips for the kids school lunches.  (jello with cool whip mixed in, instead of ice or cold water)  They look sorta gross but they taste good!

 Possibly the best batch of buns I've ever made.  They actually looked like the ones Grandma used to make for the holidays for us. 

Blade also requested cinnamon buns.  You know, in my spare time, I could just whip up a bunch for him....
Okay, so I did.  But only because they called and said "too much rain, no work".  I also made the best cream cheese icing for them.  Which I will post.  Someday. kolaches.  Yum. 

Best made with a helper (who will kindly also finish off any left over apple bits!)

Yes, I baked so long they came home from school!

And then I made supper. 

Now where did I lay that Mother of the Day award??! 


  1. Probably tucked primly inside your ruffly apron, below the twin-set and pearls?

    (Cinnamon bun recipe please! Frosting too please!)

  2. How did you know that's how I dress when I bake!!?!

    I promise to post the recipes.


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