Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Google first, Glue second

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Why have I not figured that out yet?  I mean I google for everything. 

Don't know how to wire a three-way switch? Just Google it. 

Need a recipe for cream cheese icing?  Google it. 

Don't have a freaking clue how to Mod Podge and can't apparently make it work by reading the instructions?  Um, do it again! On another project and hope for different results! 

Ya..that's it...

At the same time I bought the paper for the bottom of the drawer organizer, I also bought 6 sheets of black and white paper for lining the back of my buffet.  Or at least that was their intended destination.   After looking at (and feeling) the back of the buffet, which is plagued by about at least 700 staples from the back side leaving a less than smooth surface, I decided that the paper probably wouldn't cut it.  Not to mention that my gluing technique left a little to be desired and was probably best used  for purposes that would never see the light of day!

Ryan did mention that I could pull the back piece off of the buffet and replace it if I really, really didn't want to spend the time hammering and pulling out the staples (which I conveniently just painted over!).  But I really don't want to.  I just don't want to.  No real reason besides that.

Anyways.  I decided to use the paper as liner for the drawers instead.  If it turned out wrinkly, it would be covered by tablecloths 99% of the time anyways.

Here's the empty drawer with its new bottom in, just waiting for me to screw up glue.

I laid out the pieces of paper, and dry fit and cut the end piece. 

Of course, the drawer was wider than the paper.  I have no idea why you would think it would be that easy?! 

Anyways, Storm and I glued to our little hearts content, sans googling to prevent any mishaps, and this is what we ended up with.

I think it looks alright. I mean I can see the wrinkles, but this was still wet too.  Most of them went down, plus this is what it looks like at any given time.

Oh, and I swear I do learn.  It may never seem like it, but eventually I'll get pissed off enough to google "why does my paper wrinkle when using Mod Podge?"

I did the top drawer too, after Googling, and although that flash is making even me squint, if you were here, in my sitting room (why aren't you here btw? I have coffee you know.  And I would bake for you, honest) you could see that this one turned out 99% flat and perfect....just to be covered up by a ton of shit that I probably don't need and yet won't get rid of....


  1. The angry google is the best google of all!!! (And somewhere, webmasters are laughing at their site search analytics).

  2. That shoulda been my blog name!

    The Angry Googler


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