Friday, September 10, 2010

Kitty Paint

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Miss Storm loves to paint, draw, color, create anything and everything. 

She was watching me paint the Star Wars pictures and nagging incessantly asking me to let her paint something too.

She wanted to paint a Hello Kitty painting.  Instead of letting her free hand some sort of mutant kitty, I "borrowed" an image from online. (Hey, if you are going to put it on the web and make it so I can right click it, I might just borrow it, alright??) Anyways.  I printed out a small picture, put it on the projector, painted the small canvasses white and black and let her have at it. 

Okay, so I only let her do one of them.  But still, she was happy.  It satisfied her painting itch in any event.  Now we have some new art over her bed!

Aww ain't they cute?? She did the one on the right and added
little hearts to Hello Kitty's shirt.


  1. Cool! Does she accept commissions?

  2. That child would paint all day and craft all night if I would let her! And she'd make me keep every last item she doodled on too!! (except I'm a tosser, and nothing lasts around here too long!)


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