Monday, September 13, 2010

Hat Trick

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Miss Storm loves hats. Loves them.  And she looks extremely cute in them!  However, I would find them everywhere and nowhere where they should have been. 

So I had Ryan  (poor guy, always roped into my ideas!) make her a hat stand. 

Not the cheapest project we've ever done but it turned out so good!

We used a newel post, some weird foam-y crown moulding I found at Home Depot, some caulk, a piece of pine shelving for the bottom, some hooks from IKEA that we've had around for a few years and some high gloss white paint.

Love this crown moulding detail!

Ready to go, with a just a few of her hats in it already!

Thanks Dad!!!


  1. Thanks! I couldn't find a stand around here, that was sturdy enough and cute enough (not to mention short enough for a 7yr old!) At the rate the hat collection is expanding though, we need to hit up IKEA and buy some more hooks! :)


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