Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Buffet

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Okay.  So I don't have the buffet totally done to where I'm happy with it. 

BUT I do have it painted and in the house.  So I thought I'd update the pictures for it.

A before picture to remind you:

There she is, in all her glory.  Ugly plastic red handles, questionable paint on glass doors, honey varnish all over.  Not to mention:  wonky drawers with warped bottoms, weird middle door, and a missing glass door on the right, with only 3 out of 4 wood pieces to rebuild the door out of.

First off, get that varnish off of it!  Sure my FIL nearly had a heart attack when I said I planned on painting it, but my house is  mahogany..not honey oak from the 60s. 

Out to the backyard, armed with supplies!


I have to say, removing the varnish was a breeze.

After I had it all off, and scuffed clean, it was time for remodelling! 

I didn't like that it was two long shelves inside of it.  I hated that middle door.  Oh, Ryan! Fix please!


We bought some pine shelving from HD and Ryan cut them down to fit vertically into the buffet, making three separate areas instead of one big one.  He added new supports for the shelving, making the left side have two shelves and the right side have three.

Ready to paint.

Have you ever painted the inside of a cupboard black?  If you start in the middle of the piece and work out to the edges, I swear it's like painting all the happiness out of the world.  Wonder if JKR was painting a small space black when she was thinking of how to describe dementors...  Anyhow, it gets really, really hard to see where you haven't painted yet if you start in the middle first.  Do all the edges and corners first, then continue to paint away the happiness.  I also painted in spots no one will ever see unless they decide to stand on their heads and look way way up into the buffet.  Fun. 

I have to say, I love it black. I went to HD and bought some really nice handles for $13 each (ouch!).  We repurposed the two long shelves and cut them to make the three smaller shelves.  Bought a new skinny backboard piece for the bottom drawer.  Now we are awaiting the re-made door from the FIL and glass needs to be cut and bought for the doors as well.  But I thought I'd get it up and on here for you to see at least some progress on it!


Please ignore the messy stack of newspapers and flyers!! :)


  1. You made that looks so classy! Well done!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to get some glass in the doors (once I actually get another door to put on the other side!)

    Plus, love the name of your blog. My mom has lived on 5th Meridian Road (here in AB, Canada) for the past 20yrs!


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