Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ground Cover

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The grass on the side of our house never does great right close to the house.

Why, I don't know.  Too hot and too much drainage if I had to guess. 

This year I thought I'd take advantage of the dead spots and plant some sunflowers and pumpkins there. 
I figured if nothing else, I wouldn't have to mow!


(a small windstorm resulted in the plants bending over
and almost touching the ground! so we rigged up some white
twine and tied them back, hence why some of them look
 like they are trying to escape to the underground!!)

 The sunflowers are at least 8 feet high.

 The pumpkins sprawled everywhere, attaching to the ground literally with vines.

 We have a pumpkin!

A few smaller ones too!

The only thing now is, with fall coming on, I have to remember to go out and cover up the plants.


  1. This Canadian politely loves your pumpkins!!!! How much longer 'til those suckers turn orange? Are they destined for dessert or decoration?

  2. I hope this weather lets them last another month or so on the vine! If I remember to cover them up when there is a risk of frost that is!!
    I think that they will probably end up as decoration. We L O V E Halloween around here and usually pick up 7-8 pumpkins from the u-pick or groc store to carve.

    Although..the boys do love pumpkin pie! Too bad I suck at pie. You want cinammon buns, cookies, cakes .. sure no problem. Want a pie? Ummm..not so much.


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