Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy week of delaying

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I have the kid's Halloween party coming up on Saturday.

Halloween and it's outside scariness on Sunday.

Lots of prep work to be done.

Why do I do this to myself??

And today, when, of course, I should be doing said prep work, I made donuts instead.

Then I sat down to share them with you....well I would if you were here, and if they actually last past the first 20 minutes of the kids getting home from school.

Anyhow, here's some picture and I'll put the recipe in another post so that I can link to it in my Recipe tab, since I have no clue how to do it otherwise and no ambition how to find out.  Ha!


 I made these around noon.  Ryan walks in and smells the air.   "OOO Donuts.  Is that my lunch??!"

You can see how you wouldn't get any of these unless you were here, right now, today!

Sorry Mom! 

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