Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pace of a Snail

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Geez.  These days I feel like I'm getting nothing done.  So many things on my mental to-do list!  I thought I better actually write one post, even if it's just a post about all the things I need to finish!

Things to get done:

  • Write a post or two about what the kids have been up to the last few weeks. Birthdays and crafts.
  • Finish started projects. 
Like this: 
    The silverware drawer organizer.  Yes, Ryan said he never wanted to make one again.  But when did that ever stop me??  *ahem* (actually he said he wouldn't make another one the same way he did the last one, so in my world that means he will make me another one!)  I currently have the backboard Mod Podged.  AND no wrinkles!  Apparently I can learn after all.....
  • Transform front yard into something even better than last year

I have plans for a gallows this year as well as table with a "serve yourself candy bowl".  The kids might just get more than a handful though....

  • Get our costumes organized for this year.
  • Plan our halloween party.
  • Make a new desk.  The plan is to transform an old shitty door from my dad's into a new desk with the help of a left behind file cabinet of my grandma's.  Sounds simple enough doesn't it!?
  • The missing buffet door has been repaired!

Now to get it stripped, painted and back on the buffet, AND get glass for the doors, frost glass with a monogram, sit back and toast to a project finally done!

Don't hold your breath.


  1. I love your Halloween yard decor. Very cool. I have read thru all your posts this morning and love your site. I am your newest follower.

  2. Thanks for commenting! Glad to have you along for this crazy trip through life.


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