Friday, October 22, 2010

How to: Get distracted while making Halloween items.

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So there I was, cutting and gluing my black velvet sleeve into the cauldron with Storm, when I got distracted.

I swore I wasn't making any more Webkinz clothes for them.  I was sure I wasn't going to.

But then, I was looking at the other sleeve of the shirt and said to Storm, "watch this", and proceeded to make this silly little dress that Hunter's bunny so willing modelled for you.

A simple little hot glued hem line and tada! A silly little cloak/dress for their pets.

Ahem, yes I am easily distracted!

Storm wanted more.  Of course she did.  I said, 'No, I'm not making clothes today'.   I've previously spent an entire day (or two!) making silly Webkinz clothes out of left over scraps of jean or cloth.  I even made a hand embroidered reversible dog collar for Storm to give to one of her friend's pets!  I need help. 


As I'm sure you guessed, I made something else.  See, there was this lovely satin and velvet collar on that shirt that smelled like someones Grandma that I got for only $2.99.   And wouldn't it make a cool vampire or bandit cloak?!  Complete with a mask made out of a hem.  (Ryan is now wondering, at this point, how long I could possibly delay finishing other projects.....)

I put a piece of black elastic at the back of the mask to make it fit any of the other pets who might want to dress up.  Glue. Scissors.  Ideas.  That's me.

I will have the candy! Hand it over and no one gets hurt!

Perhaps I should add "easily amused" to the list that describes me.

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