Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yard Detail

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I have been browsing around the internet (while I should be cleaning, but that's beside the point) looking at all the cool Halloween ideas people have.   I found a huge spider web here that someone made out of rope, and decided I needed to add it to the front yard display this year.

The start of the web:

Definitely not one of the easier projects to do when it's freezing outside.  Ryan, as usual, got the hard parts, while I did the decisions and directing, as usual!

Here's the yard so far:

Huge spider web, Dr. Death and his poor, poor victim

The gallows on which hangs the gobbling turkey, and
 where Clayton will 'hang out' on Halloween night.
Made out of some old scaffolds we found at my dad's.

The graveyard with last year's project: the tombstones made out of left over packing styrofoam, as well as Clayton's coffin from last year made out of a huge box Ryan's mom  brought us from the store.

Mrrreeoooww!  Hiss, hiss! Spit, spit!

Needed:  Fog machine, purple spot lights, warm weather for Halloween!!

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