Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabulous Option #2

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You've seen 'em.

Those old ladies with a backside large enough to rest not only a bottle of beer on, but your picnic plate too.

I had to have one. 

Not interested in eating enough until I have one to keep, (plus I left it a wee bit too late for that fabulous option), I decided to make one.

First off:  Start with a vague, vague plan.

Oval-like shapes on some batting. 

Second:  Grab the only thing that will keep this insane plan going.

Sugar.  If this all goes south, I'll blame it on a sugar rush.

Third:  Pin those shapes together.

Fourth:  Stitch those babies together.

Looking like two large nappies.

Fifth:  Sacrifice several large stuffies for the fluff inside them because you have been purging your house of useless stuff and have thrown out your batting.     Okay.   Relax Mom.  Not really.  Although I did end up sacrificing an extremely old and flattened down pillow that has been around here for forever.   Stuff that stuff.

Sixth:  Stitch huge pillow-like arse padding into huge arse 3X granny panties.

Seventh:  Post incriminating and non-flattering pictures of yourself on your blog to amuse your friend in PR.

Just for you Jenni.


  1. Very awesome. Next year you can turn it around and be pregnant!!!

  2. With twins! Two lumpy vaguely arse-shaped twins!


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