Thursday, October 21, 2010

More than a handful

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Usually, I dress up for Halloween Night in the same costume I wear for the party the night before and hand out candy.  Usually, Clayton dresses up and hides in a coffin, either on the ground or propped up by the front door and scares the kids while they are getting candy. 

This year my mom and I were discussing new ways for Clayton to scare our little trick or treaters and we hit upon the idea of modifying my Grandma's old plastic table and one of my cauldrons into a spot to sit under and freak out anyone who wanted to grab a candy from the self-serve bucket. 

So I started with a plan (and we all know how well my plans work.....) and a knife..that outta turn out well......

After cursing and trying a few different ideas on how to get a nice hole in the bottom of my cauldron (the jigsaw wouldn't fit, and we really need to buy a sawsall or some other handy gadget), I settled for a jagged hole...(see how this plan is ALL coming together?!?!)

My plan was to then get a sleeve off of a cheap (read: Salvation Army or Value Village find) coat or shirt and glue it around the hole so that the candy couldn't fall out and I could leave the fake hand in there when I didn't feel like sitting outside freezing my arse off anymore.  I hit up SA and found a velvet shirt that smelled like Grandma for $2.99.  I cut off the sleeve at the very top and hot glued it to the cauldron.

Ryan also, upon request, drilled holes in the cauldron's legs and tied the bucket to the table so it can't move(or be carried away!)  Doesn't look like much but after I added a dollar store table cloth to hide the fact that you could see my arm through the cauldron's legs and to hide me under the table itself , I think it turned out pretty good.

Go on, grab a candy, I dare ya!

I can't wait to put it on the front step with a fog machine, with the torches and spot lights going, awaiting kids to scare.  And if I don't get 'em, Clayton will.  But that's another post all together!

The assistant:

Evil grin included.  Blue Powerade moustache, extra!


  1. A hole saw on your drill would have worked perfectly for the cauldron, no jagged edges. Sawzalls rock, but a little bit of overkill for this ;)

  2. Yes! That would have been best. I was thinking I needed one of those Rotozip things. I remember seeing the infomercial for them years ago, and wanted one then, and never did buy one!


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