Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saturday Crafts

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The kids (little ones) have been on their two week break this last week and a half.  They are starting to drive me a little bonkers, as well as I can't seem to get anything done or feel like I can go anywhere,  however I'm loving sleeping in!! :)

They were a bit bored two Saturdays ago so we decided to make some magnet faces.  We had been to Michael's a few days before to look around for ideas for Storm's birthday and ended up buying some wiggly eyes.  Here's what they managed to create.

The master crafter herself

The 'big' eye fit just right on the glue stick!

It's an intense and precise art you see....

Awww aren't they cute?!

I told the kids we could take them one at a time with us when we walk to school and leave them as little surprises on the side of the railroad tracks, but they didn't seem to think that was such a good idea!

Fake Bonus points if you can figure out the two I made :P


  1. So wiggly eyes are what's what in the world of kids' crafts? Good to know! I like the cyclops best.

  2. Ah, my masterpiece! Actually I made something time intensive, (compared to squiggling a smile on a circle and plopping the eyes on) so that I'd hopefully only have to do one....ha!


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