Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100 Things

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I'd like to think I keep a pretty purged out house.

So, when I thought about trying to purge out a 100 things before Spring (at least), I wasn't sure where I was going to come up with this stuff.

Sure there is a little mountain multiplying in the dark of the storage room.

There is probably a little pile multiplying in the back of my kitchen cupboards.

Maybe  a wee pile multiplying in the bathroom.

Still, I wasn't sure I could find a 100 things to give away or sell before Spring.


I give you my 'storage and staging' room, also known as Gigi's room* to the kids. 


Like I said, I just don't know where I'll find a 100 things....

I still need to haul up the stuff from the storage room.   Ryan and I decided it would be better to bring up the stuff to this room, find our storage room again, and have some space to paint projects!

Plus, this will hopefully make me get off my arse and get this stuff either sold or gave away.

Anyone want any of this stuff....anyone??!

*This was Clayton's room that we gave to Grandma while she was living here.  The kids started calling her Gigi so they would know which Grandma we were referring too.  They still call it Gigi's room even though she hasn't lived here for a month.  Blade says she needs to move back, so that when Clayton is at work during the supper hour we will still have 6 at the table!

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