Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Storm's New Desk

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A while back, (before Halloween decorating madness took over the house!), I rearranged Storm's room.  She's really been wanting a desk in there, but I wasn't sure how I was going to get one in without taking something out or stacking furniture.  I even went so far as to measure her shelf unit(?) that was in there already so I could get a desk and stack it on top, sort of buffet style.

Then I eyed up the boy's desk.

They really didn't end up using it for much after I got rid of the old computer that was on top of it (which they also didn't use much).  Blade had his toys in the drawers and it was holding their fish tanks.  That's about it.

One issue.  It was black.  I love black furniture.  I really do.  But Storm's room is white.  (How did that happen?! I don't know.) 

So I decided I'd need to paint it.  The paint job was long overdue anyways, for a desk that has been around for forever. 

And then came Halloween Madness. 

And so it sat.  And sat.  And got used in the decoration and planning of the kids Halloween party.

You can see it in the background here.  It had two 2x4's screwed onto the back of it and covered with our old skeleton couch cover to make a entrance way for the kids to go through and block off part of the sitting room where the games would be played.

Anyways, my long winded point  is, that I finally got it painted and totally done and in her room!

Here are some pics.

Looks better already.

My original plan was to just paint the desk and leave the drawers black.  But then I looked at them closer.  Ugh.  So I thought I'd cover them with paper, which was great but I didn't like the black edges you would still see, and I didn't want to wrap the paper around.  So I painted the edges.

I raided Storm's big book of paper and found some that would go with her wall color.  Of course, there was only 4 pages of each design in that book.  Of course.  So after some minor indecision I picked out two co-ordinating papers.   As you can see, I didn't even bother to paint inside the big drawer. 

I was a little annoyed at the one drawer (the first one I did, of course) that it was wrinkly and bubbly.  Mod Podge and I are still not the best of friends.  I just decided not to stress over it. The desk was ancient, it was going to be okay that it wasn't perfect, Storm would never care, and I wouldn't have to look at it every day. (Can you hear me chanting that to myself?!?!)

I decided I had better put a plexi-glass top on it as this is the child who loves her Sharpies.

To quote Toy Story 2:  She's an artist.

So since I had a whole clean white top to cover, I thought I'd grab some left over paper and her poster all about Storm Riyan Sweet to go on top of it.

Ain't it sweet!

I love, love, love this desk now.  And so does she.

She's in heaven.....the top drawer is full of Sharpies.

Oh, and Mod Podge and I are back on speaking terms.  After the desk had totally dried overnight, ALL the papers totally laid down flat and perfect.

Barbie photo from here.


  1. Very sweet! I love all the different paper you used! MP can be a pain! :)

  2. Thanks! Me and MP are on iffy terms most days!

  3. First Karrie let me thank you for the congrats on my new grandbaby. I LOVE this desk. It turned out perfect! How creative. Doesn't even look like the same desk. If I had a desk like that when I was younger... the dog may not have eaten so much of my homework :) BTW, I love the name Storm!


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