Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I do have a point, honest.

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I have a favorite coffee cup.

It's really not that much to look at.  I like the shape of it though, and the size.

A couple of months ago, as Ryan was taking it out of the dishwasher the handle broke off of it!

I was slightly sad, but he said he could maybe fix it with crazy glue.  And he did.  And it seemed to be holding up pretty good.  Every once and a while we would pull on the handle hard to see if it would come loose and drop hot coffee all over me, probably just as I was about to leave the house.  That is how these things work.  But it was always on there good.

Last night, just as I was dumping out my old, cold coffee right near the drain in the sink, the handle came off again and the cup clunked into the sink.  I moaned and groaned a little, but was happy I had gotten as long as I did out of it.  Ryan looked at it, and said, "Well, I can try and glue it again."  So out came the crazy glue.  He put it on, pressed hard, etc.  Then, well then, he held the cup part and let go of the handle....and it fell on to the ceramic tile and broke in 4 places.  LOL

Oh my god, I laughed.  Poor Ryan's face. 

He thought to toss it in the garbage, but I told him to just leave it on the counter.  I was thinking, in my head, that I'd take a picture of it, in pieces, to amuse you all......

I came down this morning.  Looked on the counter.  No cup.  No pieces. 

Looked in the garbage (ew).  No cup.  No pieces.

Then I looked over by the toaster.  And there was my cup, all glued back together again!

What a guy.

He says "Just maybe, don't hold it by the handle..." 
She says "So just like if it didn't have a handle at all ..."
Next time I'm sure it will take the opportunity to break, full of hot coffee, and over the ceramic tile...

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