Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Dance

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Finally after I'm not sure how many months, since mid-summer anyways, this:

Does not look like this anymore!


Hurray!  After much delaying, and procrastinating, and a little more delaying, we have finally replaced the microwave.

A little back story:  Ours, rudely, died outta the middle of nowhere.  No warning.  No weird sounds, no flickers, nothing.  Just no heat.  So we (I) swore a little, possibly more than a little, and proceeded to delay.  Then Grandma moved in...with her microwave!  Paving the way for me to delay some more.  THEN, her microwave died in a fit of internal lightning.  I silently thought that maybe I would actually have to cough up the money and replace my microwave.  However, my mom showed up with possibly the oldest microwave left in the free world, and after scrubbing it and disinfecting it (like only my mother could), we used that. 

Why did I finally get off my butt and get a new microwave?  Well, as much as these things take time, as in, I need to make sure I 'like' it before I buy it, I just wanted my damn counterspace back!  How did people survive without over the range microwaves!?!?!

On the upshot, I have one more thing to add to my 100 Things Before Spring pile:

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.....
Hate me because I ate up all your counterspace!!!


  1. Ok, so I'm naive. Its so weird that you mount it up like that. How do you put heavy stuff in?

    In NZ we either put it on the counter, or mount it in the cupboard, similar to a wall oven. Isn't it dangerous to have a microwave next to your head??

  2. It has a heavy duty mounting bracket that you attach to the wall. The microwave has slots in the back that match up with tabs on the bracket. A hole in the bottom of the cupboard above makes room for the plug to go through.

    It won't fall off! LOL

    Bonus: It has a recirculating fan in it, so you still have a hood fan for your oven, plus a light.

  3. Oh you & Jono are now friends! This is fantastic.

    That microwave!!!!!!!!!! I have no words!!!!!!!!!

  4. It's so pretty! And...I have yet to use it. LOL

    My friend and I have decided we don't care what all the pretty function buttons are for. It's all about the reheating.....and Ryan says, for the melting of butter for the popcorn! Ha!

  5. Oh were laughing hysterically at the oldest microwave in the free world weren't you?!?!?!


    I'll send it to you. You know, for staging your new house....

  6. Oh yes I was. It's a sick delight I can't shake. Yea, with your wallpaper sample & this beauty, you're set to open a full-service staging business.


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