Friday, November 19, 2010

Subway art, my way

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My hand is a little sore.  My arm is a little sore.  I haven't painted in a really long time.

But I got it done.  Even before Christmas!  Go me.

It started off with using Wordle  to inspire me with the placement of the words.

Decided on something finally.  I had tons of screen snips.  I could spend hours hitting randomize on that site.  Anyways.  Here's a shot of the words on the canvas before painting.

I used our projector and traced the words on with pencil.

Words all painted.  Looks good with a white background, but I wanted black.  Sometimes, if I'm doing a black background and using the projector I'll just print the picture or words in white and then either draw the outlines on with chalk, or paint in the dark with the projector on.  Yes I've painted in the dark.  Lots.   But it's freaking cold in the basement and I wanted to paint at the kitchen table.  So I painted all the lettering first.

Then I outlined in black. 

Here's where I stopped for the night.  All the eyes and faces are for the kid's amusement when they woke up in the morning!  They were quite fascinated with the painting.  Blade was so happy his name was in brown, because it's his favorite color!! Um, not really, it isn't, but he's a sweet child and he was just excited to see his name and everyone else's on a painting.  Hehe.

Finished Painting.

It now hangs in the kitchen.  The colors look a little off in this picture, but here's the inspiration for these particular colors.  It hangs about 15 feet to the right of the gigantic painting I did 4 years ago for behind our table.

Side note:

Hunter came home from school and seen the painting with just the letters done.  He says, "Did you do that with Wordle?".  I was like .. um yes, thinking in my head, how do you know about Wordle?  Hunter: "Oh, yea, we use that at school when making our Power Point Presentations!"  


Have I ever mentioned he's 9 folks??  NINE, and they are making Power point presentations in school..with wordle.   School rocks these days!


  1. With patience & a steady hand like that, you could outsource yourself to England for the painting of royal wedding mugs. Eh? Eh??

    Kids today terrify me. Do they know that a dictionary is a book not a website?

  2. You know it Lauren!

    And considering I have cracked a dictionary in 10 years myself, I'd have to say no. That's what Googling is for!

  3. OMG! You are so talented. I thought I remembered what wordle was and then when you mentioned ppt i remembered straight away:) Can you now tell me what Subway art is?

  4. Hey Krissy! I think I may be the last person in the world to know what Wordle is. Now your sister wants a painting too...of course she never answers my emails so she may be waiting a while!


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