Saturday, January 22, 2011

Perhaps it's a sign

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If you know us, you know we have the worst luck with coffee pots.

We've probably been through 7 in the last two or three years.

There was the one that just stopped working randomly, out of the blue.  The one that started making horrible sounds and sometimes refused to work.  The one that gained time.  The replacement for the one that gained time that gained time too, but I was too lazy to return.  The one whose warming burner didn't work.  The one whose steam messed up the clock and timer above the carafe.  The one who's carafe's plastic rim started leaking and Ryan siliconed it, and then was sure he poisoned himself when he found some at the bottom of his cup. 

When that happened, he dropped everything and went downtown and bought our current machine. 

The machine that takes 30 MINUTES to make one pot of coffee!

It's a little ridiculous.

Today, while out picking up paint, I thought maybe I'd grab a new machine.  I have a few requirements. 

The clock has to be at the bottom.  It has to have a clock.  It must take cone filters, as we have about a kabillion downstairs from Costco.  It must be black.

I found one at Extra Foods that I figured maybe wouldn't suck.  It looked at lot like this one.

not correct brand
Oh, did you notice the past tense?

Yeah.  I brought it in.  We set it up.  Filled it with water.  Turned it on.  About 6 drops of water landed on the bottom of the carafe and we heard this cracking sound.

Yep.  I broke another one.   The carafe cracked all the way across the bottom.

Damn it anyways.

Took it back and we are stuck with the 30 min coffee, yet again.

So, feel free to come over for coffee, but you might want to call ahead!!


  1. Oh jeez! You do not have too much luck with coffee. I have Had no problems with mine. Knock on wood!

  2. Oh man, it's driving me bonkers! Doesn't matter if we buy cheap ones, like today, or expensive ones, like the two that wouldn't keep time.

    I just shook my head today, and told my husband he was driving me back downtown to return it, I was sick of driving and mad at my luck LOL.

    Let's hope our bad luck doesn't rub off on anyone!


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