Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easily Forgotten

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It's pretty easy to "forget" all the stuff we need to get done this year.

Especially since the only place I had my list was on the blog.

So I re-wrote it, added a few things (!), and printed it out and stuck it on the fridge where I can't ignore it.

So far, it's working.  It's like those fat pictures you put on the fridge to stop yourself from opening it up and eating all the aerosol whip cream in a moment of weakness. Every time I go to the fridge, I see it.  The List. The one that says, no you shouldn't just go sit down at your computer, you should really get that painting and patching done.

Ryan says that it's early.  Only two weeks into the new year.  That we'll eventually get them all done and crossed off. Then it won't be there, taunting me.

Only problem is:  I looked at him and said "You know what will happen when I get this one almost done..."

He says "Write another one".

What can I say, I'm a list maker.


  1. I did the same thing. Great idea.

  2. Yeah, we are gonna get it done! Hope you get your list done too!!


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