Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Veto

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Saturday was Ryan's busy day.

He shovelled our sidewalks, shovelled out the gate to the back yard, chipped all the ice off the back sidewalk, walked down to Mom's and shovelled off and chipped all the ice off her back deck (since someone beat him to the front driveway).  By the way, it's like -25 with a windchill and Mother Nature decided we didn't nearly have enough rooms on our igloo and dumped like six more inches of snow on us.  He started laundry, cleaned the stove (!), went to the store, made supper, and vetoed one item off the list.

That's right.  One thing now has a notation beside it.

You see, I mentioned it's -30ish outside right?  Well, guess what.  It's about -20ish in the attic space.


See that?!  #14.  spring job, above 0!!

Ah well.  I've lived with that weird light for almost 7 years.  I'm sure I can wait another 3 months.

Oh, and before you think I wasn't home or just sitting on my computer, I was getting started on #22.

That's right.  I'm in the painting zone.

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