Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Near Arts and Crafts Fail

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It's hard to play Guess Who? when your boards look like this....

If you can't tell, the reason it's challenging to play is because there are missing people and missing holders on both player's boards.  Little hard to guess who when they don't even exist on your board!

Storm and I were playing today, even with the missing people, when I thought that just maybe I should fix this game.

So we gathered up some paper and supplies.

Coffee is a must.

Literally, my first thought when doing this, was that I could just draw out the missing people using the pictures we did have.  

I clearly did not have enough coffee in my system......

Justin looks like he might be on some sort of mind altering drugs.  Brandon is looking like he's not too sure about the guy beside him, and James seems to have seen better days. (Storm drew James and she was laughing the whole time saying he looked like Mr. Potato Head!)

The caffiene and sugar kicked in.  My brain started to function.  And I photocopied the pictures with my printer on to a plain piece of paper.

Oh sure, seems like such a simple, normal, um, common sense solution now......

Anyways, we are back in the game people!

 Still missing the yellow plastic holder for two of them, but at least these guys are recognizable now!!


  1. What a great idea!

  2. First off, your kid is a fab artist! And secondly, excuse my very non functioning crafty brain, but what was the final solution for your guys? Did u just print them off the net?

  3. Ah, no we didn't have to print them off the web. We were luckily missing different ones off each board. Both boards have the same people on them, with blue or red backgrounds. So I used my printer to copy them and then cut around the wrong colored background and glued them onto some cardstock that was the right color. You can see the blue background on Jame's picture in the last pic. For the two that didn't have holders anymore, I just made the cardstock longer so they stick up higher.
    I drew Brandon and then went, wth am I doing?!? And then my brain woke up and said, uh photocopy them dumbass! LOL Geez. I quickly did Justin anyways as Storm wanted to finish them off to see how bad they were LOL


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