Sunday, January 23, 2011

Storm's Art

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has been kicking my butt this week.

I started it last Saturday, sorted out the right paint shades and painted the words.
I got about this far:

And there it sat for more than a few days, while I distracted myself with virtually anything that would allow me to not sit down and finish painting all that black around those teeny tiny swirly letters.

My original idea was to paint the sides black, the background a lighter pink with the black backed letters. Sorta like this:

Except...I really didn't like it.  For one thing, I made the pink too bright.  My Storm is not a pink girl.  It was just a bit disappointing.

So, I came up with another idea.  First, I painted the area that would remain pink, a much lighter, nicer pink.

Then I called in the husband to mark out the outline and tape it all off.

Thank goodness for him. 

ready to paint

Following advice on how to get picture perfect stripes, I painted over the tape with the light pink.

And then painted over the tape with black, and filled in the rest of the area.

Then I recruited the man again to take off the tape.

Here it is, all done and drying, waiting to be hung up in her room.

I'll have to take a better picture in the daylight when I hang it up.  Oh let's be honest.  When Ryan hangs it up!

Whew.  I'm glad this project is done.  I get to cross something off the list and Storm is extremely happy with it!

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