Monday, January 17, 2011

The first

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I'm so happy to say that we Ryan managed to cross something off the dreaded list on Saturday!

Even better, it's a thing that I really didn't think we could ever fix.  We've lived with it for 6 years, unwillingly, as it was.

You see, back when Blade was a baby, and we had just moved into this house, with it's brand new appliances, Ryan was making the baby a bottle.  By the stove.  And in one of those freak things that happen, he accidentally smacked the open, full bottle of formula against the stove.  The formula went down through the vents and into the inside of the glass door.   ...  How the hell do you clean that?!? 

Obviously we didn't know.  We lived with it like this for 6 years.

The mess from under the sink.

I'm pretty sure everyone just thought our stove needed the front washed.  I usually "disguised" it by putting a towel in front of the drips.  Clever, I know.  I think it bothered my mom the most.  She was forever washing the front over and over again, and musing about how we could possibly clean inside the sealed glass front.

Well he did it.  The husband who can do anything, figured it out.

You see that Mom!!!  It's clean! Honestly, after living with it dirty for SIX years, (almost SEVEN as Blade's birthday is coming up soon), I can't stop glancing at it when I go into the kitchen.

This part was pretty nice too.

The first cross-off.

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