Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easiest Play-Doh Ever

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One more day until Winter break is over!

The kids are not so excited, but Mom is!!

Today, we broke out the play-doh recipe and I had a solid two hour break from things that I just needed to be told about.

Here's the recipe for the easiest way to get a 2 hour break.

Kool-Aid Play-Doh

2 1/2 cup flour  
1/2 cup salt
2 tsp cream of tartar
2 pkg Kool-Aid
2 cups boiling water
2-3 tbsp oil

  • Mix flour, salt, cream of tartar and kool-aid thoroughly in a medium sized bowl.
  • Add the oil to the flour mixture. Stir.
  • Add boiling water to mixture and stir until completely mixed
  • Knead together with hands, adding more oil if it seems sticky.
  • Let cool a bit in a plastic bag before using. Easily cut in half or doubled, we only made half batches today

This playdoh smells awesome, doesn't stick to anything, takes 5 minutes to make, is easy to mold and make shapes with and doesn't keep* 

Yes, that is a plus by the way.  That way you don't have it around so long that they want you to participate in making fabulous creations such as:

Happy kids

Hunter's "Shrek"

Storm's Cinnamon Buns

Blade's crab

*This actually keeps for 2-3 weeks in the fridge or a week or so on the counter, but let's not tell the kids okay.  You shoulda seen my carpet under the table! Oy!

Bonus Picture:

I don't have to tell you what I see when I look at this 'tank'..... LOL

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