Monday, February 10, 2014

Downtown Disney

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We are definitely on holiday time around here. It's hard to drag them out of bed, or out of the house to do anything.

Promises of a Lego store and supper out though did the trick.

We headed out to buy tickets to Gatorland for tomorrow and then drove down to check out Downtown Disney.

First stop turned out to be the T-Rex store and somehow we managed to come home with a couple dinosaur friends and some new clothes for Bananas.

And then next up, of course, the Lego store!

The kids have been missing their toys at home lately, so we bought a couple sets to give them something to play with.

They were quite happy they left home after all.

After we walked around a bit, everyone decided they were starving and since Hunter had wanted to go to Chilis the night before and we didn't, that's where we headed to.

Crazy boys. That's the pictures you get when you set the camera to timer!

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