Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wild wild Florida

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Today was the day to go out on an air boat and explore the Everglades a little.

We started off the way every good adventure should....

With breakfast at the Waffle House of course.

And then, with Hunter as chief navigator with the GPS, we set off to find Wild Florida.

Our GPS works really well, but I swear it likes to make the trip there the 'scenic' route and then on the way home, it will take us down the interstate...

But we made it, so that's all that matters!

It was quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

We got there early enough to explore the wildlife park before our reservation time on the airboat.

We checked out the swamp walk, the zebras, zonkies, zorses, lemurs, birds, and gators. Oh, the gators...

They have some HUGE ones there.

Safely inside our cage, the kids fed them.

We were lucky as no one had fed them yet that day so a whole bunch of big ones came out and ate.

The kids also held a three year old alligator named Allie. Pictures to come after we get home and I can get them off of the flash drive that we bought.

Eek, what's that?!

My, what a big mouth you have...

Meh, no big deal. High five him!

We went outside to wait for our names to be called for the airboat and found this guy.

Looks like Blade's about to become a master gator wrestler.

Finally, we were on the boat and ready to go. Front seat view.

It was windy. It was chilly. It was awesome.

When they take off at high speed, it feels like flying. On a magic carpet. And no, I didn't break out in song, but it was very cool!

The sun finally came out and we managed to spot four gators out sunning themselves. Mostly small ones like this one in the picture.

It was definitely worth the money. We got about an hour and a half tour, seen some gators, a snake, a lot of birds, and I got a bug right square in my eye. Oh yes, it was lovely.

It was definitely the trees' knees....

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