Saturday, February 8, 2014


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Today started off just right...

With Waffle House!

They were so excited to get to Legoland!

There's so many amazing Lego sculptures to look at, it's hard to take them all in!

Map in hand, we were ready to explore!

First up, a double decker carousel!

Then we made a stop at one of the stores, where Hunter picked up his first souvenirs.

Gotta love Storm taking a selfie in the background!

Up next, a 4-D movie.

Then we moved on to the area of the park full of miniature cities and landmarks. I have to say, the StarWars area was my favourite though.

Some kind lady offered to take our photo all together. Not the best pic, but hey! We are all in it!

Oh, and my kids are goofballs...

Looks like Darth Maul got Blade!

We moved on to a few rides..

And then off to Lego Driving School!

A quick lunch, and it was off to Lego Kingdoms to joust, play and go on the roller coaster, The Dragon.

Blade made a knightly friend.

And they posed with a Chimera character.

And then....the boys couldn't resist. I tried to tell them no. It was after all a cloudy chilly day with rain drizzle off and on. But no...they just had to go...

Super boys after the water ride. Let's hope super boys don't get super sick!

They posed for this photo right before Storm and I went on Project X. The roller coaster I thought would be the least scary...

It wasn't for me! Zero interest in doing it again! Those curves way up high! *shudder*

Here they are, goods in hand and super sad to go home!

Okay, that's better! They had an epic awesome time.

So glad we went!!

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